22g Tussi Ghaint ho is a Punjabi comedy movie which is starring by Bhagwant Mann, jusReign Rupan Bal, Upasana Singh and other. Rupan has already made his acting with Harbhajan Mann’s Punjabi movie Hanni.

JusReign is a Canadian popular youtuber, this time he is also test his skills in the Punjabi Cinema. These two have been cast together in the Punjabi Movie “22G Tusi Ghaint Ho!”

22G-Tussi-Ghaint-Ho-2015--Punjabi REEL
JusReign said,”The role was little bit of me, where I play a Canadian. It allowed me to explain myself and my North American style of Humour. I always tried to promote my roots, keeping my beard and turban on and have used comedy to break the discrimination abroad. I wanted to recreate something new, innovative and different for the people here, with my kind of humour.”

He added, “If I don’t find anything here that suits my comic timing, I am very picky. I do comedy for the art form than doing it for the money, I like to add value. Like good music is cherished till long after, I want to create humour that will be remembered till much later.”

JusReign doesn’t subscribe the most of Indian Tv etc but “he Like Kapil Sharma, His humour is very Snappy. I would like to be on his show someday, even If I may not get all the jokes all the time because of the culture barrier”, He added.

Here is Trailer of 22 G tussi Ghaint Ho