What Bhai Ranjit Singh said about Kanwar Grewal Controversy

Check Live Performance of Kanwar Grewal – Sirsa Dera Live

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On 12 August 2017, Punjabi singer ‘Kanwar Grewal’ conducted a live performance in front of ‘Sauda Saadh Gurmeet Raam Raheem’ of Sirsa, and thousands of followers. The decision to accept such a booking was irresponsible.

Kanwar Grewal recently released a song labelled ‘Zameer’ and from that song it seemed as though this singer was beginning to change for the better. Further, he had got married during the ‘Amrit Vela’ early hours of the morning, he had grown an uncut beard, spoken on the topic of the so-called “Mast” men who he had previously been singing about – all this was pointing towards hope. There were indications that he was slowly changing himself, that he would walk towards Gurmat and, with some luck, hopefully begin speaking against the false self-proclaimed “Godmen” and the false practises in society. However, all such hope was shattered when news emerged he would be performing at ‘Dera Sirsa’.