Chit-Chat with Harvinder Singh | Punjabi Model, Actor

Hi Mr. Harvinder Singh thank you for this interview. Tell us a little about yourself and your family background?
I am from a business background n had no clue about what to do in life
So I pursued my studies in commerce which had no link with what i am today, a vfx artist & an Actor.

Which was your first role as an actor?
As an actor,i played a role in a documentary ‘Salutation’ supporting Bhai balwant singh rajoana ji.

What has been your favorite shoot ?
In my upcoming movie,Bota Singh Garja Singh. When i raised ‘Kesari Flag’ against mughals,that feel was amazing & till date my favourite.

How would you describe your personal style, What is your inspiration behind your acting skills?
Personally,i would describe style as comfort.I can mix anything with everything & stay cool about it.
I like to be ‘Different’.

Do you have any hidden talents besides acting ?
Well,i am a VFX artist as well.

Which type of roles do you want to perform in future?
Well,i guess i am a versatile actor & would like to accept any challenge.

Who is your favourite actor and Actress?
Akshay Kumar & Deepika Padukon 🙂

Are you working on any current projects?
‘Bota Singh Garja Singh’ – an upcoming feature film.

Do you ever get shy in front of the camera?
No,actors are not meant to be shy!

Five things you can’t live without?
Hmmm On first its my Famliy, Car, Cell phone, Movies And My movies ?

If you weren’t modeling than what would you be ?
Baapu di factory zindabad ?

Where did you learn acting?
From a senior punjabi artist ‘Jasbir Singh Gill urf Jassa bhaji’

What advice would you give to others?
“Live upto your dreams”

What is your upcoming plans and Projects?
Acting & acting.