Dulla Bhatti- Movie Review

Punjabi Cinema is becoming a trend changer cinema. Normally it is known as commercially hit comedy- romantic movies but now it is moving ahead with lot of new and fresh topics. Dulla Bhatti movie came up with serious and revengeful matter starrer by Binu Dhillon, Sardar Sohi, Amar Noori, Aman Hundal, Dev Kharoud and others.

Dulla Bhatti was a folk Robinhood of Punjab and before the release we all were assumed that the movie would be based on his life. But after watching this movie, we come to know that there is not too much connection between Dulla bhatti and the movie story.  Basically the movie shows how a single person can stand against false people.

dulla bhatti Punjabi reel

Director Minar Malhotra seems to be very responsible in the success of movie. He not only directed but also he is script writer and editor of the movie. Moreover, he also did a role of villain in this movie.

Screenplay is not good in this movie. Two main characters Daara and Zorawar got separated in childhood. Daara suddenly come to know that his father’s death was not natural death, it was a murder. There revenge starts. In every 15 minutes, there is a killing of someone. The dialogues seems fake and over dramatic sometimes in fighting scenes.

If we talk about Binu Dhillon’s performance, then we give thumbs up for that. He tried something really opposite to his character and he justified to it. Overall movie is good to watch but not up to mark.

Movie review of Dulla Bhatti By Sanmeet Singh (PunjabiREEL.in)