Exclusive Interview with Alex Singh | Punjabi REEL

Hi Alex, Welcome to Punjabi Reel. Its great to have you here. First of all tell us little bit about yourself and your background?

Thanks for warm welcome. Actually my full name is Guralamgir Singh Hundal.  Because I worked with multicultural people in Australia so it was hard for them to pronounce my full legal name. They started calling me Alex Basically I belong to Amritsar. I am working as screen writer as well as film maker.

When did you decide to become a Director?

I am connected with this field from 10-12 years. I have worked as an assistant director with few renowned directors. I was fond of writing from school- college level. My teachers encouraged me so much.  I have written scripts of Bollywood features, shorts , documentaries and of course for theatre shows & also writing scripts of own production…

Among the projects you have done which one is your favourite and why?

Maa (the mother) that was the movie based on true story. It contained my dream cast as I wanted to cast Vansh Bhardwaaj in my movie. It was my dream story and released at the time of my masters in film production.

Did you ever feel disappointed in your journey?

Never from my work. Just from lack of resources & lack of discipline in team…

If you would not director. Then what would be you???

I always wanted to be a part of artistic field. Other than director my second choice would be music composer or singer having good technical knowledge. My family also love singing.

Funniest Moment of Your Life.

There are so many moments. Once we were shooting with harp farmer & movie was based on true story of farmers. There were some fresh actors in movie & I gave lines to newcomers. In that scene those actors had to argue with harp farmer. But they fought in real with harp farmer and it was quite funny scene. Harp is a nice guy so he did not find it rude or offensive and took it as a funny incident

What is the best experience of your life?

Again i would say maa- the mother. That movie is very close to my heart.

What is your advice for those who want to start their career in this field?

My message would be it is not compulsory to go film school for become a director. But you must have basic and technical knowledge of your work. Because many of movies contain technical mistakes because so much artists in this field started to experience without having enough knowledge.

How would you describe the role of your family?

Of course they supported me lot. Especially my younger brother who helped me lot. Whole family is very creative and advised me at every step.

Upcoming Projects.

I am running non-profit organization and under that we are going to perform a social play “Jo Larre Deen ke Het” on May 21 in Melbourne regarding sikh histories and martyr. This Play would also contains preaches of our Guru Sahibaans.
Also going to organize Award show on August 13 “ Virasat- Punjabi Film Festival” in which we will show different type of Punjabi movies.

So at last, any messages for our readers?

Avoid vulgar movies and songs and support neat and clean culture.

Quick Facts:
Your inspiration – My Parents
Your favourite Director– Dharmesh Darshan
Money/Fame – Both
Any celebrity crush –Aishwarya Rai
Favorite actor or actress in Punjabi cinema– Gurdas Mann & Divya Dutta

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