Harpal Tiwana :- Inspire to Modern Punjabi Theatre

Harpal Tiwana is the famous Punjabi Actor who is responsible to take locak theatre to world stage. Harpal Tiwana born on 8 augest 1935 in District Ludhiana Punjab. He belongs to Jat Sikh Family and his father was in the Police department.

However, from a very young age Tiwana wanted to be an actor and left his home to become successful actor. He join a drama group after left his home. He produced the film “Long Da Llishkara” and  “Diva Bale sari Raat” became the landmarks in the Punjabi Cinema. Harpal Tiwana also directed two TV Productions–Sanjhi Deewar and uncompleted project on Maharaja Ranjit Singh.

harpal tiwana

There are only few person in the whole world who inspire the generations to come, Legendary Harpal Tiwana is one of them. The Harpal Tiwana Foundation Paid tributes to the legendary actor on his death anniversary on 19 may, 2016.

In college, his bhangra skills won him many admirers and the Government Mohindra College team became champion in national inter-university competitions many a times. The then Prime Minister of India Pandit Nehru used to invite his team for performance at important national events.

His wife Neena Tiwana, who he met in the same college, inspired him to join the National School of Drama (NSD) in 1961. The NSD was in its inaugural years then. He became the first Punjabi ever to join the institute and graduated in 1963 under great guru Ebrahim Elkazi. His wife Neena followed suit and graduated from the NSD in 1965, becoming the first Punjabi woman to do so.

Moreover, Harpal Tiwana become the talented dancer, actor, director and playwright. he could easily joined the Bollywood with his wife but he choose Punjabi Cinema.

Initially, he produced the film, “Long Da Lishkara”, a landmark in the Punjabi cinema, from the money earned from theatre. He took the Punjabi theatre to the international level in 1970s with a Punjabi theatrical performance at Vancouver and that tradition continues even today.