Full News About the Jo Larrae Deen Ke Het | A Play by Alex Singh | 21th May 2016 2016 held in Melbourne (Australia)

Historical & untold tale of Sikh bravery in the form of musical narrative is well directed and written by Alex Singh. The far-sighted vision of a perfect human by Sikhs in Seventies is well displayed and blended with modernism. A well-known Punjabi artist, Harp farmer plays the protagonist and narrates the story throughout. The simply delivered questions in the play trigger some of the most inspirational questions for the lost and mislead Sikh communities of today’s wealth.


Alex Singh (Director)

Play also highlights the true and real aspects of Sikh teachings, ironically visualized on the stage the treatment of today’s Sikh worship temples (Gurudwaras). The whole aim is to change and create awareness of misinterpreted Sikh principles practiced by not only the Sikh communities but also the head of Gurudwaras and their leaders. The play is a series of flashbacks-Sikh sacrifices, evil social practices, hypocrisy of religious leaders, yet this is not a biography but the mixture of situations, sensations and improvisations structured as narrative.