Lahoriye Punjabi Movie Review – Amrinder Gill | Sargun Mehta

Lahoriye has been released at the box office. Amrinder Gill and Sargun Mehta are playing the main leading role and yuvraj hans and Nimrat Khaira are playing the side role in the movie. This is debut movie of Punjabi singer Nimrat Khaira. Amrinder and Sargun’s jodi rocking the theaters. The pair is looking good in the movie. The movie has a good buzz. All over around the world we are getting positive reviews from Public. They are came from cinema halls with happy and satisfied faces.

Story of Lahoriye Movie

So, basically this is a story of two lovers based on romantic drama, that too from across India – Pakistan border. The story depicts 2 young lovers, who are separated due to India-Pakistan separation in 1947. The movie plot is going on this subject and its climax makes my day. “oye hoye hoye Sirra laaya pia yaar ” i can not tell you the whole story here But you should with this flick with your family.  Let’s Watch trailer again to get the feel and motion of the movie. 😉

if we will talk about the movie direction then its perfect from the all other movies of Amrinder Gill. Ambardeep Creates magic with his imagination and creativity. He wrote this film so well. All characters of the movie are good and suitable for each other. “Kikkar Singh ne ta khilare paaye pye aa” 😉

Music of the movie is already hits the floor.. all songs of the film are very meaningful and have a perfect blend of great music, lyrics, and acting. here are all songs list.

  • Akhar (Singer- Amrinder Gill)
  • Janjhan (Singer- Gurpreet Maan)
  • Jeeondean Ch (Singer-Amrinder Gill)
  • Chunni (Singer- Amrinder Gill)
  • Paani Ravi Da (Singer- Neha Bhasin, Amrinder Gill)

Punjabi Movie lahoriye 1st Day Box Office Collection

The movie got good box office collection from morning and afternoon shows. Two young lovers from a smaal village in Punjab are separated due to the India-Pakistan partition in 1947. The movie got good box office collection from morning and afternoon shows, The movie is expected to earn more than 2 cr on the first day.

Punjabi Movie Lahoriye Rating


So here is our Team head’s Reaction on Lahoriye Trailer Watch till the end to know some interesting facts about the movie and subscribe our channel 🙂