This news is all about Is Mandy Takhar disappointed from Rabb da Radio trailer ?

While the Film team and the whole Punjabi Industry busy sharing Rab Da Radio Trailer , Mandy Takhar has not shared the film trailer on any social media network . Instead she posted this picture on Instagram with thought provoking caption ?

You must put up with shit because you are a woman.. Eff that?? #rabbdaradio #NaseebKaur #march31st #1980spunjab

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Few Days Back we all celebrated Women’s Day and all of our Punjabi artist have posted on social media that girls should get their rights, equal importance in society, everyone should be there for them but when after we came across the trailer of Rabb da Radio movie, scenario was different.

An upcoming Punjabi movie Rab da Radio received very warm welcome by all of other artists and they shared happily. But they forget to highlight two main female artists in the movie Mandy Takhar and Simi Chahal. Some of the artists have just written their name to confirm their involvement in movie.

Anyways, we will find out after releasing of the movie that which artist did his/her best job and who performed best in his/her shoes.

Trailer as it seems that Tarsem Jassar is the only part of this project. He has huge importance and with very dramatic way by holding a gun in his hand. Mandy Takhar holds her presence after the completion of more than half of trailer. Mandy Takhar is known to be one of the top leading actresses of Punjabi cinema with more than 7 years of experience in the industry gets very little acknowledgment in the promo. She had worked in Sardar Ji, Ekam and lot more movies.

Mandy and Simi both receives poor presence and no introduction in trailer. In that sense girls did not get the rights what they deserves. Their hard work and acting skills are seems to be like shadow and Tarsem’s appearance having monopoly on trailer.