Movie Review : Lock – Gippy Grewal | Punjabi Reel

If you are thinking to go for a movie on this weekend. then you should check this movie review first to going somewhere 😉 .

First of all Lock is not a movie like typical Punjabi Movies. This time well known Director Sameep Kang who made Comedy Movies and got huge response from public will come with very different and experimental stuff via this Movie. So now he proved that he is not in the boundary of Comedy movies.


So, Movie have main four Characters – Gill (Smeep) , Bhola (Gippy Grewal), Harpal Singh (Gurpreet Ghuggi) and a girl (Geeta Basra). if you are thinking Gippy is in the lead role in this movie then you are wrong. if you see the poster, may be its only for getting traffic in the theaters. Gill and Bhola ropes in a bike mechanic. Gurpreet Ghuggi and two more came to both, a girl steps in. That’s where the story turned and make his round.

If we talk about the performance Gippy as an actor improving day by day. His acting & Dialog Delivery – Just amazing. This guy proved himself that hey can carry all type of movies.. he is not just for comedy he can also do a serious roles. He is the only one who will take risks & doing experiments with his creativity. Keep Rocking man.. 🙂

Another Hand, Sameep kang is a too good Director But after this movie we will know that he is amazing actor too. Gurpreet Ghuggi as a Punjabi film industry script writer make his appearance good and maintain the plot with his punches. Karmjit anmol is good. Geeta Basra has outdone herself with this film. The look and voice of her character have been precisely taken care of and that too very well, which makes it pretty believable.


After this movie we can expect more from Pollywood. We totally applaud the fact that at least there is some one in the Pollywood who is walking the path of those creative people who have given the world content rich films such as Masaan, Slumdog Millionaire, etc. This movie subtract ourselves from other Numerous films on Jattism, Baseless Comedy and Rural Setup which is on trending now 😉 you should watch the Lock and learn something from it.

LOCK RATING *****4/5******