Nimrat Khaira’s Designer is copied ! Deep Jandu – Punjabi REEL

Latest Punjabi Song of Nimrat Khaira named Designer is made by one of the famous Music Producer Deep Jandu. He composed around 250 songs for Punjabi Music Industry. People love his music, But fans are disappointing when they hear something negative. Here is the another Breaking news for you.

Music Producer Zwirek has claimed that Deep Jandu Stole his Original Beat for Nimrat Khaira’s Song Designer.
He Said on his official Fan Page “You recognize this beat? yep thats my “Night in Dubai” beat copied note to note by this “talented producer” Deep Jandu (he blocked pining) as I read on his facebook this is not the first beat he have copied, yet he has 190k folowers, How talentless you must be to copy other beats1 to 1? I understand beeing inspired and try doing something similar but riping off everything and puting your credits on this? Have some dignity or call yourself reproducer not producer”.

After that Deep Jandu feels guilty and he posted this for his fans..

This Darama is not finished yet.. Something more interesting is appeared now..Zwirek posted a another screenshot of Deep Jandu. He said that Deep jandu approached him in Feb and want to buy some of his beats. Take a peek on this also.

deep jandu Controversy - Punjabi Reel

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Here is Original Beat and Nimrat Khaira song.. You should Decide

Official Beat

Copied Beat