No-show by singer Mankirt Aulakh at DCAC’s fest Ambrosia
The Delhi College of Arts and Commerce had to face great disappointment and embarrassment, recently. The student organisers of their annual fest, Ambrosia ’18, booked Punjabi singer Mankirt Aulakh, made the payment to the star, and the singer arrived at the venue to perform. Yet, there was a no-show, as the singer felt that the security arrangements were not up to the mark. The singer had even posted a video about his upcoming performance on Facebook.

mankirat Aulakh’s team had to say: “Mankirt was excited to be performing for the Delhi University students, but when we reached the venue, we realised that the college had failed to meet the security demands that are necessary for an artist to perform safely. The stage area had no barricades, there was an uncontrollable crowd inside and outside the college, and some of them also tried climbing his car in excitement. He was also promised proper security personnel from the Delhi Police, but as things go, the college had not sought permissions for extra security and one could spot just a bunch of officers outside the venue.”

“Be it a small artist or a star like Aulakh, proper measures need to be taken when organising such mass scale events. He decided to cancel because he didn’t want anyone in the audience to get harmed because of the situation in the college,” the member added.