Prithipal-Singh-A-Story-Movie-PosterA Babita Puri Film decided to make film on real story of Prithipal Singh who was the Legend of Indian Hockey team.

Prithipal Singh is well known as “King of Short Corner” by Hockey commentators. He was born on 28 January 1932 in Nankana Sahib Pakistan. His father was a school teacher. Prithipal Singh spend his childhood in land of Shri Guru Nanak Dev ji.  Read more about his life

“Prithipal Singh was a Legend in Indian Hockey”, Said Pargat Singh, Former Indian Captain.

Prithipal Singh won 3 Olympic Medals Gold, Silver and Bronze.

Charanjit Singh (1965 Tokyo Olympic Captain said, “He was Reticent but a great Player”.

This feature film is going to release on 6 Nov 2015. This movie is directed by Babita Puri who is the first women to direct bollywood sporting movie.

Cast detail of Prithipal Singh

  • Banner:- Numinous Films
  • Status:- Completed
  • Release Date:- 6 Nov 2015
  • Genre:- Biographical
  • Producer:- Babita Puri, Sandeep Kumar
  • Star Cast:- Vikas Kumar…. Prithipal, Anjali Singh…. Anjali –                                     Prithipal’s wife,  Deepak Sandhu…. Harpreet,                                     Baninderjit Singh Bunny…. Shingara , Kapil Kalyan
  • Executive Producer:- Sundeep Misra
  • Publicity Pro:- Malani Talkies
  • Language:- Hindi
  • Director:- Babita Puri
  • Editor:- Luvkush Chaturvedi
  • Cinematography:- Shoeb Siddiqui
  • Art:- Ajay Sharma
  • Screenplay:- Kudrat Pal Singh, Sundeep Misra
  • Publicity Designers:    Malani Talkies
  • Assistant Director:- Mohneesh Kalyan

Here is Trailer of Prithipal Singh…a Story