Public Misbehaved with Ranjit Bawa on Karnal highway

Recently very shameful act has done by our Punjabi Mandeer. When Punjabi Singer Ranjit bawa was coming back to punjab via Karnal highway. Ranjit Bawa’s car was stopped in the middle of the road by a crowd and then driver had to speed up the car to get away. Let’s watch this video.

Ranjit Bawa is a role model for all Punjabi Sardar boys. But is this acceptable behavior from crowd even from Sardar Boys. Someone abuses him clearly and see that the boot of the car was also opened. they are fans of him But is this the really way to get one selfie with the celebs.

A few days ago a similar fan accident happened with Famous Video Director Parmish Verma ans he is come from very dangerous situation.


Amazing !