qissa punjabThe Qissa Panjab is an upcoming Punjabi movie starring Preet Bhullar as Arjun and Kul Sidhu as Kismat, Dheeraj Kumar as Heera, Harshjot Kaur as Sukhjit and Jagjeet Sandhu as Speed. The film is based on serious topic with six young lives and the complications of their ambitions, dreams, hopes and achievements.

Produced by Annu Bains under Pukhraj Production House, the movie has all new faces with fresh story. Director Jatinder Mauhar who is well known for meaningful cinema shows how situations chaged in everyone’s life and story goes on.

By profession Annu Bains is an architect and educationist wanted to shoot movie in cold weather of punjab with mustard fields. Foggy climate and bare poplar trees attracts to Annu Bains very much for this series.

One of the top cinematographer Apal Singh performed amazing as we saw trailer of the movie. The film arises basic social issues of Punjab like drug addiction, alcohol and the greed to go abroad among people of Punjab.

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Qissa Panjabi Official Trailer