Review of Punjabi Movie – Motor Mitraan Di

Movie Review of Punjabi Movie Motor Mitraan Di starring Ranjha Vikram Singh, Happy Raikoti, Gurpreet Ghuggi, Sonia Maan, Yograj Singh. Directed by Amitoj Maan.

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Synopsis: MMD is a story of three brothers & run a motor workshop. One day a Brother buy a bus and they give a name to their bus ‘Motor Mitraan di’. Three Brothers are Ravi (Happy), Rajveer (Ranjha) & Bhaji (Ghuggi). There are two more interesting characters are Maharaj (Yograj Singh) & Swami Ji (Sardar Sohi). In the Movie we will get some Comedy Dose, Suspense & Horror Drama.

Review: The Movie is Based on today’s Pakhandi Babas. Director Amitoj Man made a film after the HAANI & GADAAR around after 2.5 years. In this film he tried to make a complete package of Drama, Comedy with new Actors. He wrote this film as well.


Amitoj mann is a Very Good Story Teller & Good Director. His Previous Movie Gadaar was huge succeeded. The film’s story as stated by the makers has been inspired from real incidents and is a very average affair. Probably for the first time, I’ve seen a story written by Amitoj Maan which is somewhere weak.  Screenplay is very Predictable. You can easily imagine what to going next.

In this film at few points story is imaginable not practical.  Means movie has the scenes which are not possible in real world. But it was a movie so we can accept.

Coming to performances.. Gurpreet Ghuggi, Yograj Singh & Sardar Sohi are Very Talented artists. All have new look, New characters from out their comfort zones. But they plays their roles very well. If we will talk about Happy, his acting was impressive in this flick & better then his performance in Daara & Teshan. Ranjha Vikram Singh lacked expressions in the film. But he is a very joyful person. Sonia Maan as usual did not get a meaty role.

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There was a very good message in the film. we all have to learn from this and take some good advice from the movie. So, It was a good movie But we can not compare this to Amitoj’s Other Movies.
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