Sarbjit Movie Review, Rating, Response

Sarbjit is the Bollywood movie based on true story of Sarbjit a simple Punjaib farmer who drunkenly wanders across the India- Pakistan Border. Sarbjit was wrongfully imprisoned in a Pakistani Jail. The movie showing how his sister Dalbir tried to freed him.

The story is start with Dalbir finding his brother sarbjit. Sarbjit was fully drunk and while singing the song “Jai Jai Shiv Shankar” he crossed the Indian Pakistan border. He was suddenly captured by Pakistani army. There is no ordinary prison, Sarbjit was locked in wooden box, and fully tortured him by drowned in water and rats. Pakistani Army try him to say that he is Ranjit an Indian terrorism in Pakistan.


As Sarbjit struggles to survive, his sister Dalbir (Aishwarya) struggles to make the authorities admit Sarbjit’s identity – and free him. With Dalbir running from haughty CM to indifferent PM, eating under dusty trees, holding dharnas in streets, Sarbjit’s home slowly collapses. His father dies, his wife Sukh (Richa) languishes, his daughters are torn between frustration and grief.

et, the story deftly weaves in a larger backdrop, from Pokhran to Parliament, 26/11 to Kasab, the editing sharp, the visuals – blue-green skies, grim dark cells, Sukh’s red ‘lapstick’, Sarbjit’s blackened ankles – memorable. The direction depicts a human being and a human truth – individuals often face prisons of politics where the innocent can be shackled in darkness.

Sarbjit breaks your heart – but in contrast to India-Pak fantasies like ‘Gadar’, it bears no blame. It makes you cherish your loved ones – and appreciate others too.

Sarbjit makes a point. Humans come and go. Humanity survives.

At box Office The Sarbjit Movie perform as like

Day 1 Rs 3 crore
Day 2 Rs 4 crore
Day 3 Rs 4.75 crore


Punjabi REEL team gives Rating to this movie 3.5/5 star.