Shaheed Bhai Mewa Singh : Upcoming Punjabi Movie

Rana Ranbir and Aman Khatkar announced next upcoming Punjabi movie which is based on true story of Shaheed Bhai Mewa Singh. Story of the movie is written by Rana Ranbir.

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Let’s know  about Bhai Mewa Singh in detail…….

Bhai Mewa Singh  ji was real Canadian Hero. In 1906, Bhai Mewa Singh Came to Canada when thousands of Sikhs were coming to Canada to being citizens of the British Empire as the matter of their rights.

Bhai Mewa Singh worked in the Gurudwara Sahib as the post of Granthi. Mewa Singh and other Sikhs were came to Canada at  time when racism against non-white immigrants was at its peak. They were not allowed to purchase food from local stores or  were refused rental  accommodations.

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NO one helps the Sikhs that time. Local politician were against them and didn’t want to help them.

Hopkinson was the responsible for all these activities. He was killed so many Sikh with no reason. Mewa Singh Went to court when he was to appear in the court on 21 oct, 1914 to testify in favour of the killer. Mewa singh went to court and shot and killed Hopkinson. After Shooting him, mewa singh dropped his weapon and surrendered to the Canada police.

When the case was running in the court Bhai Mewa singh gave his statement, “My religion does not teach me to bear enmity with anybody, nor had I any enmity with Mr. Hopkinson. He was oppressing poor people very much. I, being a staunch Sikh, could no longer bear to see the wrong done both to my countrymen and the Dominion of Canada. This is what led me to take Hopkinson’s life and sacrifice my own life. And I, performing the duty of a true Sikh and remembering the name of God, will proceed towards the scaffold with the same amount of pleasure as a hungry baby goes towards his mother”.

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Finally on 11 January 1915 he was sentenced to death by hanging. Approximate 4 thousand Sikhs were stood outside in the heavy rain and cold weather to receive Mewa Singh’s Body. From that time Sikhs-Canadians have continued to celebrate the legancy of Bhahi Mewa Singh every year.