Sons of Sardar – The Battle of Saragarhi | Ajay Devgun | Bollywood Film


Sons of Sardar ssons-of-sardar-punjabi-reelounds like it will be sequel of Son of Sardar. But the Interesting thing is, it is not happening.The previous movie was all about comedy, fun But This is epic war film Based on the battle of Saragarhi. This was the fight between 21 Sikhs vs 10000 Afghans.

Indian media gave this movie titled as ‘Son of Sardar 2‘ But Recently Ajay Devgun confirmed that movie titled “Sons of Sardar – A Battle of Saragarhi” not ‘Son of Sardar 2‘. So this movie will be releasing near about Diwali 2017. Now Ajay Devgun is all set to release his new Bollywood Movie Shivaaye.


The Battle of Saragarhi

The-Battle-of-Saragarhi-punjabireelBattle of Saragarhi was fought on September 12, 1897, by 21 Sikhs of the 4th Battalion of the Sikh Regiment. Who gave up their lives for nation, fighting against 10,000 Afghans. This happened in the North-West Frontier province
Now this is named Khyber-Pakhtunkhwain Pakistan. The Leader of 21 Sikhs was Havildar Ishar Singh and they have one cook who also fought with them and died.


Every year a Day of 12 September is celebrated as ‘Saragarhi Day‘ in the whole India. One Epic Poem was also written on these brave Men named ‘Khalsa Bahadur’. To commemorate these men Two Gurudwaras was made by British Gov. one in near The Golden Temple in Amritsar other one is in the Ferozepur Cantonment.