The famous organization ‘Turban King‘ is proudly presents their latest video based on Dumalla tying. They have lot of training videos before but this time they launched this videos under the ‘Turban King Records’. As youth started to love tying turban with different styles and now one more craze is growing for Dumalla.

Now let’s know more about Dumalla, The Dumalla is the warrior style turban which is mostly tie by Nihang Khalsa Sikhs. The other name of Dumalla is Chand Tora Dumalla. The word “Chand Tora” is a metal symbol consisting of a crescent sword and a double edged sword, it protect the head from slashing weapons.

It consist long fabric as compare to other turbans. You can subscribe the officially Youtube channel of Turban King Records for more updates. Youtube :

Watch the video of Tie Stylish Dumalla


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