The Punjabi Cinema is very Popular now a days, there are lot of Punjabi movies are releasing or going to be release. Now Punjabi Cinema can beat Bollywood because these movies are coming with different and unique concept.

But this is very hard to believe that some of the movies were flopped. Whatever the reason, critics and audiences weren’t impressed. But According to Punjabi Reel which we found that why these movies weren’t impressed the audience.

The main reason is “Acting”, yes!! My dear, this is the most important reason nowadays. Anybody can enter in Punjabi Cinema or play a role in the movie because the power of money.

If we talk about acting, then theater artists are more stronger than normal actors because they have experience of LIVE acting which connects the audience with reality of life. Moreover, theater actors have proper education and talent about their field.

Mr. Alex Singh is going to organized a  play in Australia. Alex Singh is really doing good job, because our Punjabi Cinema needs real actors or we can say real acting which will be come out from the theater play. The Play Named by “Jo Lare Deen ke Het” at Athenaeum Theater 188 Collins St., Melbourne on 21th may 2016. Play will also be performed in Adelaide on 29th. Let’s know more about the details of this play.

13177363_1046821985392878_4602666145277661654_nThe Team of This Play:-

Jasjeet Singh will play the role of Dada Ji (GrandFather)

Loveneet Kaur will play the role of SARPANCHNI

R.J.S.Maan will play the role of THANEDAAR

Rozee Gill will play the role of MOTHER

Gursharan Gill will play the role of AMLI

Ashwani Sharma will play the role of NRI

Gurshaan Singh will play the role of Sardar kid AJAY SINGH

Guneet Kaur will play the role of little girl GUNEET

Pardeep Sharma will play the role of HUSBAND

Prabhjot Kaur will play the role of SIMRAN

This show is directed by Mr. Alex Singh. And the big secret is Alex Singh will also perform in this Show.

For more information Regarding this show stay connected with ALEX SINGH ON FACEBOOK.

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