Once Again – Three Punjabi Movies are ready to blast on 10 June. Punjabi Film Industry is in full form now, Approximately every month one or two Punjabi movie is releasing. In this 10th of June the three super duper movies are going to released on the same day, First movie is “Dhulla Bhatti“, second movie is “Once Upon a Time in Amritsar” and third movie is “Chaar Sahibzade Rise of Banda Singh Bahudur“.

Let’s talk about Dhulla Bhatti movie,

Dulla Bhatti will be in cinemas on 10th June. This movie is Based on Legendary Rajput hero of Punjab, Known as Dulla Bhatti aka Robinhood of Punjab. he lived only for others and started the War against the Mughals during the rule of emperor Akbar.

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Once upon a time in Amritsar is directed by Harjit Singh Ricky. This movie is based on action story which we never seen before.

In this movie the audiences will see heros, guns with helicopters. Action scenes of this movie, never seen before in any Punjabi Movie.

Banda Singh Bahadur is the Great warrior in the Sikh history. The story of Banda Singh Bahadur will be picturized on big screen. Harry Baweja and his team announced the releasing date of Chaar Sahibzaade- Rise of Banda Singh Bahadur on Social Media. This movie going to be released on June 10, 2016.

In the film we will see how sikhs got freedom from Mughals Emperors in India and help the nation in his own way.

Punjabi REEL team give all the best to all three movies for success. But one thing more we forgot to told you that these three movies are clash on 10th june 2016 and these movie has only one week to perform in the heart of audience because after 7 days i.e. 17 june UDTA PUNJAB movie is set to released.

So after 17 june the all the audience will attract to Udta Punjab. In udta Punjab first time Diljit Dosanjh  is working in Bollywood with Kareena Kapoor, Sahid Kapoor and Alia Bhatt.

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