top 5 actor

Top Five Actors in Pollywood

Punjabi Cinema is well establishing its roots in the entertainment world. After Harbhajan Maan’s Movie ‘Jee Ayan Nu’ was released in 2002, the Punjabi Cinema started to release Punjabi Movies one after another….Read More

top 5 actoressTop Five Actresses in Pollywood

The Entertainment industry has huge excellent talents in the nation. However, most of them are very struggling actors or some are God gifted. That doesn’t mean the Punjabi Cinema is less then any industry or glamour world. The Punjabi cinema having glamorous…Read More


Top 5 MoviesTop Five Movies in Pollywood

Pollywood industry is getting very popular in India or we can say in the whole world. If you are Punjabi, then you like Punjabi movies but equally very popular in north India and other states of the country. The first movie of Pollywood…Read More


Top 5 Directors

Top Five Directors in Pollywood

A Movie director is a person who directs the movie as well as making. Normally, film’s artistic and other aspects are directed by director. All the movie depends upon the director: Director has key role in choosing the cast members, production design etc. Read More


Top Five Singers in Pollywood

A singer is a person who gives his/her voice to a song. There are lot of Punjabi Singers or we can say tons of. Everyone has different vocal qualities based on them, singers sing particular songs which suits best to their voice.Read More