Udta Punjab Banned for ‘excessive swearing’

Again.. We are in the same situation. It isn’t the first time in the Bollywood History. Aligarh, Jai Gangajal & The Jungle Book has been Suffered.  Recently The Censor Board is known for passing films like Mastizaade, Kya Kool Hai Hum 1, 2, 3, Jism 1,2,3, Murder 1,2,3. and here is the one another film which is going to release soon.

Udta-Punjab-feature-punjabi reel


The censor board banned the Diljit Dosnajh’s Debut in Bollywood film Udta Punjab and you are going to shocked because we are telling the reason of this film’s bans. So they told that the film has too many cuss words.

“I would insist with the board to give us an ‘Adult’ certificate. This film has been made for people above a certain age group. This film is adult so we should get an adult certificate,” the filmmaker recently appealed.

According to sources, three members of the censor board had agree to cuts the few scenes from the movie but the interesting fact is there.. the fourth member didn’t agree and demanding a much higher number of cuts. The makers of the film had also requested the information & Broadcasting ministry to solve this issue but they refused to intervene. There is one more reason in the front of us to banned this film which is political reason. Yes it is believed that the decision was taken due to elections of next year in Punjab. the Akali Dal is up against AAP, a party that wants to make use of the drugs issue to win over the state. Release of a film like Udta Punjab will only showing the issue more into the spotlight.


According to the recent survey there is 2.32 lakh people are drug addicted in punjab. that is roughly 1.2% of Punjab’s population. But there are above 8 lakh people who have used drugs at least once in their lifetime in the state and that’s 4.5% of the population. In Punjab there are increasing the number of drug addicted people day by day.

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Here is the official trailer of Udta Punjab

Kareena Kapoor is the charming Bollywood Movie actress who is always ready to try every possible means get into the skin of her roles. Alia Bhatt is also in this movie and playing the role of Bihari Migrant worker. Diljit Dosanjh and Shahid Kapoor also will hit the theaters.