Udta Punjab Movie Review :- As notorious as Mexico in the current context, the state that is known for wrestlers and wheat, serves up heroin, opium, cocaine faster than parathas and lassis. Yes, Punjab the land of the five rivers, is a description only reserved for the text-books. In reality, it’s a place besieged by cartels, cocaine and corrupt cops.

Udta Punjab takes flight without wasting a second – from the very moment the title appears on a flying heroin pouch hurled from across the border by a discus thrower.


It cruises along at an even pace right until the crackling climax, which is shockingly bloody but remarkably effective.

Chaubey’s robust directorial style, which enmeshes sharp characterization with evocative use of music (composer Amit Trivedi is in fine fettle here), keeps the tale on the boil even during the occasional stretches where it teeters on the edge of over-articulation.

A pop star Tommy Singh, a nameless Bihari migrant girl, a cynical policeman Sartaj Singh and a doctor who runs a de-addiction centre (Kareena Kapoor Khan) are thrown into dangerous disarray in a climate vitiated by the easy availability of drugs.

Diljit Dosanjh, in his first role in a Hindi film, plays the cop who decides to break free from the system when his own brother Balli (Prabhjyot Singh) nearly dies on him due to a drug overdose.

Dosanjh does not put a foot wrong, playing his role with restraint. He also lends his singing voice to the film’s defining musical piece – a Batalvi poem set to lilting music by Amit Trivedi.

Punjabi REEL team gives the 4.5 star out of 5. We request to all audience that please do not support Privacy Mafia. Please watch movie is Theaters. Must watch Udta Punjab…..Very Good message to the people of Punjab or India.